Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Requested by bakasyndrome. Tell me i'm fast (H) (no that's not what she said)
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Oh and uh, Bar 81, if you've downloaded my sheets from my blog, that bar needs to have an mf/mp. Apparently is abit tad too loud there, sorry bout that! Tenkyuuu!


Shizuka Sakura said...

So soothing. (Y)
Too bad, I'm not a pianist, I'd love to play but I only play guitar. :]P

You did a great job!
Hoping to hear more YUI songs. :)

Sample said...

This is amazing. Thank you so much for this! :) I love this song. <3

Present said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Present said...

You 피아노 연주를 Youtube에서 보고 piano sheet를 정말정말 애타게 찾고 있었는데 여기서 받아가게 되네요..
너무 고맙습니다 ;ㅅ;
영어를 잘 못해서 감사말을 한글로 남기는게 좀 아쉽네요^^;

Thank you very much!!♥♥♥

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