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1st June 2015

For any info on updates check out my FB fan page located below!

6th September 2014

Sup guys! So I've finally finished transcribing Sayonara Memories, all uploaded and ready for downloads~ And a heads up that I'm working on Gin'iro Hikousen by Supercell next. Thank you for your continued support for BakaDuck! ^^

11th August 2014

A heads up for people that would like latest updates on what I've been up to lately should have a look at my Facebook fan page. The link is on your left, thank you for being patient everyone! I'll be done with exams soon~ Hang in there!

3rd August 2014

Hi guys,
I apologise for the extended delay with my transcriptions as I'm currently tied up with a lot of assessments and exams coming up. I promise everyone that I will get on with transcribing as soon as I'm on my holidays. Hope this doesn't put anyone down! Thank you to everyone that are engaged with my pieces and continue to subscribe/follow me~ Really appreciated (:

26th July 2014

23rd July 2014

Hi again!
Would just like to inform ya'll that it'll be a couple days until I'm able to upload a new transcription for ya'll (busy with assignments and stuff..) I've gotten the chords down, just need to work on the melody and everything else in between now. I'll try my best to get one complete this weekend~ Sayonara Memories , yeeeahhh!

22nd July 2014

Hello boys and girls!
This page is to inform you of my latest updates and W.I.Ps ~
I humbly apologise that I quit transcribing for almost 2 years now but I'm more than happy to say that I'm back and ready to transcribe than ever before ^^.
I have returned with much improvement so I'm sure ya'll be amazed with all the new transcriptions I will be uploading soon!
This blog also underwent a lot of modifications and spicing-up for fellow viewers to have a better experience with easy navigation and quick tabs for downloading MP3 & PDF files, as well as an email form for any midi requests of my existing transcriptions~

Here is the current list of transcriptions in progress. I'd like people to give me recommendations of any new anime OP/ED/OSTs, I'm not as updated to the anime world as i was, so someone's gotta tell me what's good and what's not xD

Sayonara Memories - Supercell
LOVE&ROLL - Supercell
Gin'iro Hikousen - Supercell

Leave comments below, thank you ~

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